Gobnat (G-1)

Remnant Assault Skiff (Advanced)


Gobnat is a Remnant Assault Skiff with advanced technology.

A Remnant Assault Skill is a Carrier that can bring four Ishin into the combat zone, with the pilots and support personnel. This Truck usually has a speed of 10, and the ability to fly. To maintain these awesome weapons of war requires a team of mechanics that have spent time learning these unique systems.

The “Advanced” model contains higher level armor, carriers up to 6 Ishin, recharges Ishin faster, and has camouflage tech. This however comes at a cost of a slower speed of speed 6.


Gobnat was found by Neon during the recruitment of Theron of the Desert Clans and Doctor Dirk Dann. Found at Last Mountain in the lava fields prior to the establishment of Onyx Base

Gobnat (G-1)

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